Will I be frying my body???

Guys, So far I’m currently training track two days a week, on tuesdays and thursdays, for about 1 1/2 - 2hours (with adequate rest in between) I weight train for about an hour on mon, wed and fri (or sat) and teach martial arts for an hour on those same days. Now I started working on TV on a morning show as one of the excercise sections human manequins (showing the exercises and doing spinning and aero-box) this is usually about three days a week also, but in the morning.

Do you guys think that this is too much, am I frying my body, the CNS or should it be OK???

At least, working out with hot women in tight clothing does wonders for my testosterone :slight_smile:

Hope Christian T. can give some input.

Id try to move weights to run days. You should be fine as the aerobics thing isnt CNS intensive, but weights and speed are so try to have them on the same day. Im not sure about martial arts…could that be considered tempo I guess. Main point is put CNS stressful exercises on the same day(sprints and weights) and youll be fine.

That looks manageable, just make sure you don’t begin to skip the basics because of a hectic schedule, ie stretching. Once you begin to skip things like eating well, warming up properly and stretching I assure you you’ll begin to feel fried.

man, tell me about it, eating badly, and sleeping badly is what usually has me fried during the year what with studying and working plus training now, and bad sleeping habits (sleeping les than 7 hours each night).

Hopefully I’ll get some rest and good training in during the hollidays.

Hope to see you at orlando guaita aln

Heh. Not surprisingly I forgot sleeping habits in the previous list. I have terrible sleep habits, I’m already used to it and it’s very hard to modify it, but I try to take care of the rest.