WideGrip DL vs Squat: Ballpark

Ballpark Estimate:

What % of your Squat would a WideGrip (SnatchGrip) deadlift typically be? Even based on persoanl experience with both lifts. I know, I know it varies on so many factors but…

a ballpark figure would be just fine. thanks

are you talking full squat? (olympic style?)

My squat and snatch grip dead are very close. 340 oly squat for single and 315 snatch grip dead for 2-3 reps depending on how I feel.

Thanks Chris.

I was referring to below-parallel squats but thats the kind of gauge I was looking for.

It will differ from person to person, I s’pose, with bodytypes, training emphasis etc.

Anyone else?

My fullsquat and snatch grip deadlift, both done oly style and without a belt are exactly the same for me

Also depends on how wide a grip you use I think. Many people I have seen do them, don’t hold the bar wide enough to qualify it as a proper snatch grip deadlift. The bar should be at the hip crease in the standing position.

I was doing full squats at 225 yesterday, however my deadlift strength has been severely limited by my lower back strength, a weakness im currently improving. Iv’e maxed deadlifted at only 200 though, could be more if not for a back.

One thought? The squat has been said to incorporate 67% of muscles in the body, yet some have claimed that a deadlift is one of the most neuromuscular taxing exercises. Which individual one would be more effective for athletes. I know goals come into a factor and needs of an athlete. Both should still be incorporated by but I was wondering which is the big one, deadlifts never get the publicity they deserve!

What are the benefits/differences between a snatch grip deadlift and a regular deadlift?

a snatch grip deadlift having a wider grip forces you to dip lower giving more range of motion than a regular deadlift, and getting more hamstring involvement…i think…

On the topic: do most elite Pls have a Squat > DL?

If this was the case with most ppl, shouldnt the Squat be significantly stronger than the (weaker) Snatch-Grip variant of the DL?

The bigger guys usually have bigger squats than deads. A pl squat is also very different from what an athlete is likely to (or probably should) perform.

most do, but you also have to keep in mind that when using gear, the DL is the lift that will have the least benefit vs the other two powerlifts