wicked check it out!!!

hi guyz im new & must say i love this forum for ideas im not a sprinter but a fighter i do quite a bit of running but very slowly,anyway i digress check this link out its awsome & im sure will help yall.

I’v seen that particular video, just wondering if anyone knew of places you can find more HSI video? was that a series? or a one time thing?

HSI and Eurosport teamed up before the WC’s to follow training and travelling leading up to the WC’s.it was showed all during the summer over here in europe.followed all different HSI athletes but went behind scenes at meets etc.good shows but nothing new.SMTC would have been better in the 80’s early 90’s

Why would SMTC have been better?

SMTC were a great team no matter what people think.the professsionalism,teamwork and success the team had was immense.also it would have given people an in-sight to the likes of deloach,witherspoon,marsh,baptist,burrell and lewis.out of competition these guys are great fun and the general public base opinions on the like of the media!

You have pretty much just repeated your previous statement. Again, why?

i posted 2 replies here. first reply-"SMTC would have been better in the 80’s early 90’s "and then my last post which stated why.how is that repeating myself!!!

True, you did explain yourself, but you could say the same things about HSI, couldn’t you?

You didn’t explain why - you merely expanded on your opinon. There was no reference to why they would have been better than HSI.

ok,ok i’ll explain better.carl lewis has had the reputation of been a selfish,cocky son of a b****.well that was the opinion of the media who really didn’t get to see him that much day in day out.he was a media star and they love to throw a spanner in the works at times.i think a documentary such as eurosport and hsi would have been great for the likes of the SMTC team.it would have given people more insight into the individuals and to see what they are really like outside competition.also the programmes/routines would have been explained.

mention SMTC and you automatically think carl lewis and carl lewis only but the fact is they had more stars than carl alone.don’t get me wrong,its great to see the insight into the HSI team but personally i would love to have seen the same interest in the SMTC or even CF’s Mazda TC back in the 80’s.HSI are trying to be the same as the SMTC were in the 80’s/90’s but longevity is the key.MG has gone sour and may not have the longevity of lewis and is very unlikely to continue his reign of worlds #1 anymore.AB has gone pear shaped and is likely to retire.

would you guys not like to see the same programmes on smtc or the mazda TC,i’d give my right arm to see either

I could care less about the personal lives of the SMTC crew. However, I don’t think there is a better group you can do a documentary on if you whant insight into the world of elite sprinting.
SMTC has had someone in every olympics dating back to 1984, two world record holders in the 100m, and more guys going sub 10.00 and sub 20.00 than any group in the history of the sport.

If they do a documentary that would be great- in the meantime, enjoy what’s available now.

charlie was there ever a doc done on your mazda team? the smtc always had crews filming but never really seen any serious docs

People might not like HSI or John Smith, but when you have a full time physio, great training enviroment, money, and the ability to motivate athletes to push themselves at 100%, who cares how scientific a program is if the athletes are going B effort.

Notice I said group not coach. :wink: