Why reset tempo volume in GPP?

I haven’t really understood or ever seen reasons as to why we “reset” tempo volume at the beginning of the GPP, and go increasing the volume until we “put full tempo volume into place” by the SPP.

Why not just continue with the same volume as usual. The only reason I can think is that since we’ll be doing additional volume from our other training days, we want to reduce volume of tempo a bit to keep overall running volume from getting too high.

Is this the reason, or are there other reasons, or is there no reason at all?

If I understand correctly what you’re saying. . .

Most people reset tempo because in alot of cases with high school and (in some cases) college athletes, they can’t train over the summer. So resetting the tempo is necessary to get them in shape again.

Of course, if you’re training year round, the need for resetting tempo MAY not be necessary, or at least AS necessary.

GPP is usually done after a layoff, so the volume of tempo may have to be gradually increased. If you have not taken a significant layoff, it isn’t neccesary.

Oh, ok! I see. Lol. Damn, it was so obvious I didn’t think about it. :o So I’m correct in keeping my volume constant in the GPP I just started, as I haven’t taken any rest.

That’s what I said Alex! :smiley:

The tempo volume drops somewhat for most people during the final taper/competition period in late summer (although not as much as the speed volume), which can run for awhile. As well, the speed of the tempo work tends to drop in the late stages, so some period must be allowed for the smooth re-adaptation to the tempo work.

I see, yet another thing I did wrong. My tempo was always very disorganized in this past period because I couldn’t hit the volumes and number of days I wanted because my psoas would flare up with high volumes. Thanks for refreshing me on the correct way to handle tempo in line with the program.

Tempo has to be built up again for 2 reasons if the program has been correctly handled, including taper, etc. (repeating for myself to get it clearly) :

  1. Tempo and speed of it has dropped during the taper and has to be built up
  2. Many athletes take a a break before GPP so we don’t want to jump right into the target volume