why does it take so long to recover

HI all,

Got a question about treament of my injury.
Its a tendon from my upperleg(near quads) in the hip.
I dont know what its called but i’ll try to draw it.


| x /
| |
| |

So its not in the middle but a bit more to the “center”.
I can feel the muscle good when massaging it, so i think its not too deep

Simple jogging is possible, even a sprint at 80-85% is good.
But the problem starts when i try to run hurdles(the right leg is my trail leg)

I tried ice(daily 2x 15 min), 2x per week let it massage and use UKG(some ultrasound from fysiotherapie),
Its still very sensitive after 2 weeks of relatieve rest(last week it feels like there’s no progress). little running, no speed work, no hurdles.

how long does an injury like this take? when it happened it didn’t feel like a bad injury. So i thought it could be over within a week or 2.

I really feel bad about it.
What can i do?

  • food
  • supplements
  • ibuprofen
  • stretching
    any advice is welcome

Sounds like you need ART or at least some form of deep massage therapy to mobilize the affected tissue, till it stretches normally. Stretching a muscle that is in spasm often makes it worse due to irritation. Often therapists avoid this type of therapy because it’s hard work! Find one who’ll do it.

(Disclaimer: I’m not a physician or therapist).

It could be the sartorius muscle. If you flex your thigh muscles you will feel two ridges where the thigh joins the hip. The inner, smaller ridge is the sartorius, which extends all the way to the knee, although you can usually only feel it until about mid-thigh.

This muscle, like the pectineus and the psoas (hip flexors), is prone to irritation and inflammation, especially where it joins the hip. The main culprit is overuse. Too many intense sprinting sessions on a hard tartan track without sufficient rest will cause it to get irritated and inflamed.

I have had similar problems with my hip flexors at least three times the past 5 years, and this is my experience:

  1. It’s caused by a too-high volume of fast track work, like four or five hard track sessions a week. Especially not taking it easy the day after a competition, but just going back to train hard the next day. Longer distances (200m and more) make it worse than shorter distances (60m and less).

  2. The pain is worst in two stages: (1) when the affected muscle is switching from eccentric to concentric tension (when sprinting this is when the thigh is extended and beginning the swing back to the front) (2) the highest portion of the knee lift.

  3. It takes 1 to 2 months to heal, depending on how far you let it go before deciding to take it easy.

  4. It will not heal with complete rest. What will happen is that the pain will go away, but reappear again when you resume training. I suspect that the hip flexors atrophy fairly easily, which is why they re-injure so easily after a layoff.

  5. Weight training helps the recovery greatly. Deep squats and exercises with the hip extension machine.

  6. Stretching helps prevent recurrence, since tightness in the quadriceps can worsen the problem. But don’t stretch it too much while it is injured, stretch it when it is healthy. For the same reason I don’t feel massage is effective while the muscle is inflamed.

  7. Avoid sprinting 100% over distances longer than 60m until the pain is gone. Don’t stop training completely, but reduce the volume.

I did go to a therapist, did a good massage.
next day the muscle is a bit sore when walking, the strectch while walking can be felt. I feels like a tight muscle.

  • something i did dnot mention before. The leg feels a bit numb like its sleeping. I am not happy about this

trying some trackwork today, and go to a specialist to look at my problem.
hope it will go over soon

I feel it close to my hip. Its the area between muscle and tendon.

haven’t done that.
It just "popped"during a 100 m sprint, feeling like a normal injury.

With me the pain is most when i turn my knee outside.( r.heel on left knee then turn knee outside) so when there is some stretch element involved i feel it.

did take it easy already for 2,5 weeks directely after it occured. first week everythig looked ok for recovery, but after 2 weeks there wasn’t any progress. And my leg started to have a numbfeeling(a bit tingeling like when you have a sleeping foot)


I wasn’t planning that for thenext few weeks

thanks for the info

After a few good massage session things are better.
yesterday i did 2x 6 hurdles at 400H distance
was all ok.

no reaction today.
I think it will be over next weekend.

Thanks for all the input

This indicates irritation of a major nerve, but it doesn’t indicate the cause (spasm vs. inflammation). Where was the numbness, to what extent? Did it increase when you stretched your leg?

Training in this situation is ill-advised - you could do fairly serious damage in a worst case scenario, and it’s unlikely you can train through it without continual extensive therapy. Be careful with even low intensity stuff if you are in this situation again.

Glad to see you have recovered, but don’t take it for granted that if you are not feeling the pain for a short while then the injury is just gone. Continue to work on the flexibility/tone of the muscle etc. to prevent it from happening again.

Well, i´m feeling the same “area” since i started do squats :confused:
I don´t know exactly what muscle is afected, actualy, it´s a very very strange pain, i feel even when i´m sleeping and turning from side do side in my bed,
or when i´m stand and bring my feet up to put socks or shoes.
Looks like more a deep than usual soreness because i don´t feel with low pression, otherwise, i feel when i use these muscles in a movement of up leg.
The interesting is that this pain apparently appear after i started do squats :confused: and now, i feel this muscles even after my Start Sessions.
It could be;
Tensor Fascinae Latae,
Iliacus / Psoas,
it´s hard to say which of this muscles is killed…
Does anyone had felt this ? What should i do to threat ?
I tell, 2 or 3 days of rest had been sufficient to stop the soreness but when i do squats or starts, the pain is back.

I had a similar irritation last year- I couldn’t lift my leg to put on clothing and hurdling pretty much sucked big ones. It was far over enough to be my groin but it was NOT the quad.

Although it was incredibly painful, I found that massage/ART, self-massage on foam rollers, and ice had me able to compete within a week and a half. I think it was probably a tight psoas in my case and it was a recurring problem, but after the initial injury I found that the recurrences were mild enough that I could still train and compete fairly normally.

I avoided stretching it for the first week then did hurdle drills to stretch it before doing psoas and hip-specific stretches.

The massage was absolutely key, and ART probably would have helped a LOT more if I had known about it then.

I also found that part of the problem was tightness in my IT band and some lingering messiness in my hamstring on the same side.

Even more to the point was tightness in my piriformis, which tighetend up the lower back, which tightened up the hip… it was all connected :rolleyes:

In short, what worked:

  1. ART/massage/foam rollers
  2. ice
  3. lay off the specific stretches and get some of those other areas
  4. unload some volume… comsider how heavy your squats are, combined with how much volume you are doing in the rest of your training- ESP hurdling! did you say it was your lead leg?
  5. BE PATIENT :slight_smile: it’ll be fine.