Which Would Be More Benifital Auto-Reg or WS

Currently im doing db hammer and have seen great results my vert tested at 33.25 but i dont kno if thats what it really is how far are u supposed to stand from wall i stand my first foot about 18-24 inches away from wall reach over with hand and its on a slant. Then from there jump up and over toward wall all in one motion and mark it. My vert used to be like 28-30 but i dont kno if its going up cause im testing differntly or cause im gaining. But as long as i c it go up then i guess im gaining. Which method do you think would produce better results for vertical WS envolving a reactive day and a strength day or DB hammers methods. I was thinking during the summer making a westside-DB routine. Using the auto-reg methods with the westside methods.Or maybe not maybe ill just go strait up westside or stick with the auto that im doing now and that im seeing great results. I dont know about the upper body though it just feels weird i mean ill continue doing the ISO day and then 4 days later the OI but im just used to alaway doing reps and sets so thats why it feels so different. Well thanx guys let me know your thoughts and oppions.

as long as your testing methods are consisent, then the results should be accurate.

What would be better for you? Are you happy with your progress? if so keep on the path. If not, then change.

There is more the DB’s system than just ISO and OI :slight_smile:

You can use any type of movement in the system, olys, regular reps anything. The main thing is that you train your weakness wether its muscular or CNS wise, train to a set fatigue level to autoregulate your volume and build up your work capacity. And off course your training emphasis/goal in each microcycle determines your approach, workout structure and exercise selection

It takes a while to figure what to do, but just experiment, and know the differences between strength/speed/strength/strength speed/rate, force and power absobtion, reactivity etc

i mean im pretty sure i test right i stand less then 2 feet away from wall mark hand then jump strait up and over toward wall and mark and it said last time 33.25 befor ehta ti think was like 29-30 so i think it went up quite a bit so far. But it just difffernt training i just dont feel it being real hard like normal but i guess this can sometimes be a good thing.

I just heard a great comment from a friend of mine about this question. Do not do WSB or DB’s stuff Do your program.

i didnt know u have to stand 2 feet away from the wall. ill be stayin right to the wall. thats why my vj has been low.

That’s true to a certain extent. You can’t do part of WSB or DB’s program and combine it with the CFTS or some other program. You have to either take their program as a whole and give it a shot, or just take some of their recommendations for your program.

Speedkills I am glad you got what I was saying. I have tried all kinds of different “systems” and I found using my system works best for me. I know alot of strong people and they all use different systems but they all have two things in common. One hard work and two a belief in thier system.