which work better plyos or weights

ok question for u guys does one work better then the other and like should one first start out at weights then move into plyos and weights togehter not at the same time but together in a phase and then move into a plyometric phase mostly just sport specific exercises and plyos.

What is your current level of physical preparedness?

like what u mean my stats in the weight room and my bg etc

training age
exercise familiarity
level of intramuscular coordination as expressed by max strength
vertical leap
40yd or short sprint times

sqt 320
bench 135+40 lb chains 5 times
dead lift-315
im 18
pretty good condition
166 with shoes on
my bf on those digital ones u hold came in at 13.5 and that was before i started doing alot of balling plus lifting
standing vertical is 28.5 at 630 in the morning
i dont kno long jump or 40

well from what I know is that you should be able to squat atleast 1.5x your bw. You can squat much more than that so i would say go for plyos, from what i have heard from people i know who have done them, they have seen great gains in speed and vertical.

well this is what i got out of your question.

Yes you should start out with weights than get into plyos (there are some exceptions).

If you have a plyo/weight program, the plyos should always be done b4 your weight workout, because you want maximum speed, and not be fatigued.

For the weight/plyo or wieght or plyo program. Just do what you feel works best for you. A weight/plyo program may work better for you than just plyos, or vice versa. But maybe since (from what i understood) you are just going to start plyos, i would go for a plyo only program for a bit, then expirement around with it. That’s just personal opinion.