which foot in the block?

which foot would you advise to push of in the start of a race. i was told the back foot with my strongest leg. would you agree?

one of the ways to determine the back foot is to do a falling start with your eyes closed the “fast” foot will come forward first to stop you falling on your face !!:smiley:

Hassan, i wouldnt focus on pushing specifically of the front or back block since it involves to much cognitive thought. Best starts are those that feel automatic, try working on balance and stability.

Usually, the strongest leg is on the front block, as the highest pressure is on the front block.
Pressure is on both blocks, but the more space between blocks, the more difference in pressure between front and back blocks.

Biomechanical studies have shown that putting weakest leg in the front block will lead to a more efficient start as the first step will be on the strongest leg, but other biomechanical studies say just the opposite…

For beginner athletes how do you decide what foot goes in the front block?

I usually aske kids what foot they kick a soccer ball with, or I try the fall forward and cath drill?

Generally, a left-hand writer has its right leg the strongest.
Or ask them to make a jump. The impulse foot is the strongest one, which shall be placed on the front block, but some studies say the opposite, so…

I dont think that having your strongest foot in the front block is really a huge factor.

I am pretty equal although For my LJ and TJ i use my right leg as jump off foot.

I decided this year to change my foot placement because I am right handed and my left arm/hand is quicker than my right. If the main focus out of blocks is the quickness of the lead arm, then I would have my quickest hand be the lead arm.

I know my left arm is quickest because that is the arm I woulduse to block with if someone through a punch at me.

I’m more confused now.

Standing start my right foot is forward

Block starts my left foot is forward.

I jump with both legs (better with left) and I kick stronger right footed.

I go with what feels more comfortable.