Where to train in Canada

Hey fellahs, I live in Australia and run with a club in the south of the country. We mostly have boys around my age, 23yo. My PB for the 100m is 11.14. Next year i am going to be moving to Canada for a yr to work and holiday and i really wanna keep training and compete over there as well. I am either looking to go to montreal or toronto and would like some advice about where would be best to go and what squads are around. Cheers…Maverick

Hey dils23,

in Toronto there is the Metropolitan Track & Field Centre located at York University campus, here’s the link http://www.kinesiology.yorku.ca/facilities/track_centre.htm.

vito…thanx for the link but there arfe obviously better trainers than others and better running groups…any specifics??

sorry, I simply gave you the link to an accessible facility in Toronto, as far as available teams which may take on new athletes, I think the best thing to do is contact Ontario T&F Assoc. here’s their link: http://www.otfa.ca/ they should be able to direct you to some, hope this helps.

thanks Vito…if anyone who is a sprinter in toronto or montreal could give me any specific informations about which clubs are the better ones, it would be appreciated. Cheers

:eek:…this will make for great discussion (maybe an argument or two) There are numerous clubs that train at the Your U facility (being it’s 1 out of 3 in Southern Ontario, and the better of two in the toronto area)…but depending on you current training regiment and your preference of training methods and coaching methods there are vast differences from what i’ve seen in the major clubs that train at the facility…some clubs that I can think of the train almost exclusively at the faculity are Etobicoke, Mississauga, North York, Phoenix, Brampton, and a few others that are smaller…If you just want to train with the fastest bunch I suggest you look through the current years OTFA results page and see which clubs have had stellar athletes who will MOST likely be training next year and get in touch with them to find out more…I currently train unattached to any group or club and will be doing so throughout the indoor season…good luck and if I can be of any help just let me know…



If you come to Ottawa check out the Lions, that’s where I’m headed next year, one of their coaches I believe is top 2 in Canada

Which would be?

I think the guy’s name is Art, someone told me he has a level of coaching that only 1 other person in Canada does

Don’t bother going to the shitty cities of eastern Canada. Go to Vancouver where there’s no snow, great scenery and hot chicks.

No snow in Vancouver!?!?!?!?!?!?! :confused: You gotta be kidding me

ya but it rains half the year

Shitty cities? In all fairness I have never been to Vancouver and I hear its beautiful, but it is very commonly known that Toronto is THEE city to be in (party, sight-seeing, w/e) if you live in Canada.

fellahs…lets not worry so much about the quality of cities.how about the quality or trainers and runners…who is the best guy to go to or where do the best sprinters train…thanx

All I know is Glenroy Gilbert trained where I’m going and he was pretty good

Canada’s first 400m indoor track is opening up here in Ottawa in January.

It should be awsome and then in the sprint/summer/fall you have terry fox stadium.