Where to Start

Hey everyone I am brand new to this site and to Charlie’s work. I will complete my masters degree later this year but I am wondering where to begin learning the methods of the best physical preparation coaches. Does anyone have suggestions?

You are on the right site here. I would firstly recommend to get the book Speed Trap and the GPP and SPP downloads. That would be a pretty good start.

Bobby J

Welcome to the forums.

Where to start?

Good question for many people who I am sure have asked themselves the same question.

One of my favorite ancient Chinese proverbs is “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is now”. It does not exactly apply but I remind myself of this if and when I am feeling not sure where to begin.

Aside from my personal bias regarding the information contained on this website I strongly recommend you read “Speed Trap”. It tells the story of Charlie’s back ground and contained in this book you will learn how he created something special. Note that this book as well the training manual has served to educate many other coaches. We need more coaches writing material and making their knowledge available to be studied, emulated, tried and discussed. It’s one thing to repeat and it’s another to experiment and learn and then report back. Charlie also has given a clear path of understanding regarding who taught him what and why that was important to him.

I think the next best step might be to look at the Key Concept Books as it breaks down concepts Charlie felt were important and this information in part was taken from the forums.

For those reading I want to help make people understand why this information has become available in the format you see in the store.

Coach Charlie Francis was banned as a coach from 1988 to his death. Life was a big scramble literally after that. The website was pushed by a few people to get Charlie talking about what he accomplished. If it had not been for this website his experiences and knowledge might not have been available.

Show and Tell on You Tube is one thing but you need method and ideas and sequence and patterns and conversations to go with the information.

If you still need help and have questions I have made myself available thru info to discuss.

Angela and Grooster thank you for taking time to help me get started in the learning of Charlie’s work. It looks like I have quite some reading to do. Thanks again for your suggestions.

Bobby J, I also recommend that you acquire the breadth of Charlie’s materials and take your time to understand and assimilate what you learn. I discovered Charlie’s work sometime in 2002 and began participating here on the forum in 2003. I think I own just about every written product and nearly every video of Charlie’s and I strongly endorse all of it.

You cannot go wrong with any of his products. I have published a few books of my own and I’ve credited Charlie extensively for his profound concepts and what can be extrapolated from them in order to revolutionize sport coaching as a whole.

Bobby J

You are welcome.

I also suggest you read my blogs. They are uncomplicated and practical. I have tried to speak to both athlete and coach and bring to life some of the ideas and methods people have lots of questions around.