Where do I start?

Is there any recomended reading for a newbie? Any books threads or articles before I find more out?


I’d start by reviewing the entire site, thread by thread.


Use the search function for any question you have got. If you do not see it, then ask.
The book “Training for Speed” would also be my main recomendation. It will teach you alot of the terminology used around here.

I did search for “start” but you can imagine what I found :wink:

I understand lifting and everything, but more am just curious about theory stuff, and where the best places to read about charlie’s stuff is.

Buy Speedtrap and Training for Speed.

I would start with reading Speed Trap as it gives a good idea on the evolution of charlie’s ideas (and is an interesting read for other reasons), then move to CFTS or the other books depending on your needs.