When to run 100% in training?

Hi guys,

as a result of a few other threads, I thought I would raise the question of when do people here or coaches get their atheltes to run 100% as opposed to 95% in training?

I was getting the impression that speed training was generally done more at 95% then at 100% with athletes trying to fit in all the competing demands.

So when would you guys get your people to run 100%, or is it more a case of they run as fast as they can (so to speak) and if they look flat you drop the workout intensity until (over a number of sessions) they have appeared to recover which can be seen and heard in their technique and demeanor etc…

The level of the athlete will determine the CNS demand of 100% sprinting. A beginner will be achieving PBs all the time, so 100% performances are a regular occurance, but at the world record level, obviously PBs are rare and the vast amount of speed work wil be sub-max.

Ok so basically you are always at least trying to run 100% unless:

a) the athlete is fatigued…then you run 95%…or not at all if too tired.

b) you are in a rest week (where you run 95%) ie in the one week in between the two strength phases of a 3-1-3 strength phase.

c) you are in a competition phase (where you run 95% unless in a race).

Is that correct?

I would be careful of the concept of trying. If you run smooth, things will often sort themselves out, if the technique is good.

ok so to clarify

when doing speed work, ie 95%+, are you running as fast as possible (while still staying relaxed and smooth), or are you actively keeping that tiny bit in reserve for the races?

or do we simply call it 95% so we dont think we’re trying our hardest to run fast all the time?

I think that for the majority of us on the forum, since I think the majority is below 2 years training age, up to speed endurance we should probably just try to run as fast as we can on a given day (no not tempo days either) unless we are tight, in which case we probably shouldn’t be running. That’s what I do.

amature sprinters usually think 100% is eyes out situation trying to bull your way down the track.its not what charlie is saying is to run your fastest but be smooth with your technique,no tension…you tense up and your running slower

keep it smooth,plain and simple