When to Plan A Bulk?

I really need to bulk up, get some size and strength on my body.

im fairly short, around 170cm i think, havent measured in a while.

and last time i weighed myself, i was 50kg, around 110lbs.

now that is a very light frame, dangerously light.

i want to bulk up, but dont know when to in the season. i am about to recieve coaching next month and my season is about to start i think?

so should i start bulking after the season? and how should i go about bulking? should i cut out all sprint training and just lift heavy and hard?

thanks guys

p.s sorry if it has been dicussed before

Well you shouldn’t do a bulk as bb’ers do it traditionally as most just use it as a time to eat crap and a lot of them gain a decent amount of fat. During GPP when you are doing hypertrophy lifting, you could up your cals and gain some weight. In the off-season, if you felt you really needed to add weight, you could do the same.

yes. no point trying to grow larger when you are trying to run faster!
once season has finnished, eat plenty of food, but keep it clean food, no junk. plenty of lean meats, fruit, veg and complex carbs. eat up to 6 meals per day, smaller than the useal 3 meals though.
keep running, perhaps lower the volumn? just to keep the fat at bay, and to keep the speed in your legs. if your trying to sprint, there is no point in getting far away from speed. No longer than 3 weeks if you can help it.
dont loose all that speed you have gained this season just to gain a bit of body weight. Remember your light, so if you gain 1kg, that is like 2%. Perhaps just aim for 4kg of solid weight gain next season? that is a massvie 8% incease. And if muscle accounts for only say 33% of total weight, that is nearly 25% incease of muscle mass!! (33% is just a rough guess?)

I think even if you were to lift heavy and do sprintwork/tempo and you ate heaps you would still be pressed to gain as much as people who just body build gain. Therefore I would not worry about gaining weight in the season. Even if you gained 1kg of muscle which is a lot you would not get slower probably faster. Also seeing as your a beginner it would not matter that much.

I say you can try to bulk cleanly in your season. Eat clean foods and you will be good to go.

Hi Richo, are you in a contact sport. If you are, bulk can be a help but being strong/powerful is the most important thing. My son is 16 and keeps wanting to bulk up, he’s a rugby player. But at 6ft tall and 70kg it isn’t easy to bulk up and he shouldn’t. I have told him its about being quick and strong. He can dump tackle senior players much heavier than him - get the picture.
Good luck, try some whey powder in correct amounts.

Why not just carb up right now? I bet you won’t gain any fat by increasing your caloric intake. You’re 5’8" 110lbs, any weight gain will most likely be in the form of muscle if you’re training and lifting weights. The bigger you are, the more potential for power.

the bigger you are the more potential for power?!?!?!? thats a little bit of a misleading statment.

Why? It’s true.

partially yes but size does not dictate performance. and power is important only in relative terms. you can have power out the ass but it doesnt mean shit if your a cow. and power does not neccesarily go up with increases in muscle mass.

I totally agree, but at the height and weight of the athlete listed, it is my opinion that he is no where near his optimal body composition. Any gains in weight, particularily for a young athlete, can easily transfer over to muscle and power gains.