When to Lift to avoid cns fatigue

If i sprint on MWF, can i do heavy upperbody lifting on tuesday and heavy lower on Monday or will i exience cns fatigue. does heavy upperbody liftingt drain the cns as much as heavy lower body lifting?

That is a possibility. You will be able to tell if your CNS is fatigued by noticing a dropoff in performance and lack of “pop”. Upper body lifting generally does not cause as much CNS fatigue as lower body weights due to the fact that most lower body exercises recruit more total motor units.


how did you like using lifting circuits as a form of tempo/gs? What kind of weights were you using for each exercise?

I don’t know. It was ok once I got accustomed to it. I think it’s a good alternative if you want to do some work but don’t feel like running.

I would use maybe 30-40% on lower body stuff and 60-70% on upper body maybe. super light weight first few sessions though

regardless of the length or weight being used cns fatigue is
always happening, albiet to a lesser effect than
trying to lift a concrete truck, but there is
scavage drain happpening…