When can train max speed?

I have a doubt:
in a plan of periodization i can enphatise firstly acceleration, then speed e lastly speed endurance, so i can train max strenght for 7 week and after that i can switch in a maintanance phase (3- 4 weeks)
In which week of this last phase can i train max speed (100%, for example by 20m’s flying max speed), if i can’t do it for the first 2 weeks*? only for the last 1-2 weeks?
Then when i enter in the comp phase can i train it very well?


*i know (by Verkhoshansky) that you can train max speed after a concentrated period of strenght training

yes, lengthen acc. of acc. day, and you can train max V via drills (ins and outs, flying runs, but a focus on relaxation, and good form rather than rate of execution). But to shift focus on acc. day lengthen the acc., and on the max V day go for rate of execution…