Whats up, Doc!?!

I have been out of action for the last number of weeks with hamstring trouble (left side). It has never torn but gets very tight & sore to the extent that I haven’t completed atrack session pain free in weeks. Rest from training hasn’t alleviated the injury.

I ‘jarred’ my back doing plyos (a big lesson learned!) which wasn’t fully resolved - a visit to an Osteopath didn’t improve back or hamstring but am unsure if this is the cause. Also, massage often unearths trigger points in my glutes/ hip which refer into my hamstring.

A standard neural stretch for the sciathic nerve (sitting on table, hands behind back, slouch and extend one knee) causes quite a severe pain at my hip on the same side as the hamstring injury.

I have an appointment to see a good therapist so hopefully I will have a complete diagnosis then but I would appreciate any suggestions from forum members, in the mean time, to what may be the cause of such an injury. Has anyone experienced a similar complaint? :help: