whats the difference; GPP and SPP?

Okay, before you say “use search”, I did. And I couldn’t find anything to really answer my search… and this is “Fundamentals” right?

GPP is supposedly the 1st phase to go through, right? Its for conditioning the body? It contains tempo, but is it just tempo or is speed work added to that?

SPP is the phase after? I dont know what you have to do in SPP, is it just continued GPP, or is there more components?

What comes after the SPP? Is it the pre-comp then the comp phase? What do you do after the comp phase, do you just take a deloading week and then begin a short GPP again?


PS… just so you know, I can’t buy the GPP DVD, okay?

Why not?

Every phase has tempo in varying degrees (CFTS basic template still has it 3x a week all the way through).
Every phase has speed in varying degrees and modes (hills and short accel in gpp, accel/maxv/se in spp, etc.)

Pre-comp means before competition, so yes, before the comp phase.

gpp consists of 3 days of acceleration work and 2 days of exstensive tempo. the other 2 days should be rest.
Monday: accel development: 2x5x10, 5x20 with full recoveries, usually in gpp these sprintsa are done on hills
Tuesday: exstensive tempo: 8x200@ 70-75%, 2.5 min recovery
Wednesday: similar to Monday
Thursday: similar to Tuesday but do not do same workout
Friday: similar to Monday or 3-4x60m for max velocity training
Saturday: Active Rest ie. warmup
Sunday: rest
serious weightlifting should be stressed as much as acceleration development in gpp because almost all of your strength gains will be made in this period. gpp should last about 8 weeks.

There is no max velocity, generally, in gpp unless it is submaximal. If we are strictly talking short-long and CFTS, the point would be to develop acceleration abilities and mechanics before moving onto max velocity. Those volumes may be a bit low for hills as well.

Ive been doing this as a GPP… its kinda based off of John Smiths GPP…

Monday 9/17/06
Track (25 minutes)
1 lap jog at around 25% followed by stretching
Run 500, walk 400, run 400, walk 300, run 300, walk 200, run 200, walk 100, run 100

Gym (20 minutes)
Bench Press 3x10
Lat Pull Down - 3x12
Triceps Push-Down - 2x12
Arm Running motion with Dumbbells - 2x30 (15 each arm)

Tuesday 9/19/06
Track (45 minutes)
1 lap jog at around 25% followed by stretching
100 (walk 50), 100 (walk 50), 100 (walk 100)
100 (walk 50), 200 (walk 50), 100 (walk 50), 100 (walk 100)
Rest 5 minutes
100 (walk 50), 100 (walk 50), 200 (walk 50), 200 (walk 100),
100 (walk 50), 200 (walk 50), 100 (walk 50), 100 (walk 100),
100 (walk 50), 100 (walk 50), 100 (walk 100)

Wednesday 9/20/06
Track (50 minutes)
1 lap jog at around 25% followed by stretching
6x20m A skip, stride out 20m
3x20m B skip, stride out 20m
3x20m High Knees, stride out 20m
3x20m Butt Kicks, stride out 20m
3x20m - Run to 20, Accelerate 20, Stride out 20 - (Total - 60m)
3x200 walk back rest

Weights (25 minutes)
Military Press - 3x12
Barbell Shrugs - 3x12
Rear Delt Raise - 3x10
Dumbbell Shrug - 3x10
Arm Curl - 3x8
Arm Running Motion w/ Dumbbell - 2x30 (15 each arm)

Thursday 9/21/06
Track (50 minutes)
1 lap jog at around 25% followed by stretching
Tempo, 100 meter walk between everything

Friday 9/22/06
Track (20 minutes)
20 minute jog

Weights (25 minutes)
Primary Leg Workout (Squats, Dead Lift, Leg Curl/Extension; 3x12)

Ive been doing this Mon-Fri for two weeks already… is this a good thing? I didnt lift any weights last week

idk could be–depends on where you are going with it. If you are following John Smith’s GPP, then it is a pretty different approach to the entire training season/year since it is long-to-short with lots of overdistance and less seperation between hi/lo components.

Sorry, but could you explain the long-to-short thing and the lo/hi components?

My goal right now is to get in shape and to get better conditioned. Right now, I cant run a 200 finished at meet speed. :rolleyes:

Exactly what the names say.
Short-to-long, start with shorter distances and gradually extend.

long-to-short, longer distances and go in (although most have some short accel also throughout).

hi/low is high intensity and low intensity

this stuff is covered on the forum quite a few times, just try searching a bit. Most of this stuff you can find out without buying anything.

All this is covered in the GPP and Van’02 and Van’04 download videos.

you wanna read my post again? i cant… argh… im not even gonna say anything :mad:

hmph… how bout you buy em for me

You haven’t even taken the time to search a reasonable amount. People are willing to help, but you need to help yourself a bit as well.