Whats the biggest improvement you've seen in a highschool athlete from 1 year

in the 100 mind you

well I just finished my freshman year of high school and in 8th grade I was running late 12s and now I’m down to late 11s, mind you I added spikes and spandex to get there and didn’t do any real training back then

i made a big improvement i went from a subpar 800 runner to a subpar 100 sprinter(13 seconds was best time last year) and this year i get 11.62

that’s a huge improvement right there, i find that spikes take half a second of your time personally, i ran my first meat at 12.3 and was like 4th or something and then in the City Championships I got spikes and ran 11.8 and later bettered that in the Provincials

I went from 12.00 to 10.86 my freshman year and soph year 10.86 to 10.47… 25.00 to 21.76 my freshman year and 59 to 48.67 my fresh year

wow, from 12 sec to 10.86?..that’s huge. Did you just pick up sprinting, hit puberty, or just work your butt off?

i’ve got a lot of respect for all of you. my self discipline as of now remains my biggest problem…coupled with a really tight schedule, but you can always make excuses.

My teamate who won d3 ncaas this past season ran a 10.8 hand time in high school. Took a year off and came back to run 10.55 FAT.

Also his 200 went from 22.2 to 21.69

8th grade- 9th grade went from 56.59 400m to 53.31 400m

9th grade- 10th grade- went from 53.31 to 51.79 400m

10th grade-11th grade- 51.79 400m to 50.3 400m

12th grade- Did not run due to injury :frowning:

Freshman: 12.6; 27.4 (injuries the whole season)
Soph.: 12.3: 25.5 (injuries the whole season)
Junior: 11.1; 23.6 (no injuries)
Senior: 10.8; 24.2 (injuries for half the season)

9th grade - 15.xx (really horrible, first time sprinting)
10th grade - 12.7x (Better, but my training was really sporadic and I didnt really learn about the CFTS until after the season. So this year I’m looking for some low 11s in the 100m)

grade 9 = 13.1
grade 10 = 12.2
grade 11 = 11.6
grade 12 = 11.2
grade 13 = sub 11

11.8 to 10.5…Picked him him up at his house after I found a handgun in his bag and drove his ass along his streets and pointed at all the makeshift memorials of dead teenagers…and then went to Bay Shore BLVD in south tampa to show that if you workout hard and leave the “Homies” you will be what can be if you do the right thing.

I have no idea what he is doing an pray that is fine…

i went from a 13.6 in the 100 to 11.66 and 26.69 to 23.75 in two months of training. Wayne how did you improve so much in a short period of time and did you go to the junior olympics?

11.8-10.8-Me. Damn Clemson your dude has me beat…But I’ll be better thisy ear : )

A kid just ran a legal 10.62 in U-18 Nationals a few hours ago here in Argentina. New NR. What’s incredible is his progression though. This is just the 4th meet in his life!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: He went from 11.2ht at altitude to 10.62 in just slightly above 4 months. What a talent!

But here’s the most interesting part of this story, he’s from the training group in Salta which is taking over sprinting in Argentina (they put a synthetic track there 4 years ago and have been beginning to roll out exceptional results the last 2 years), they are the only important training group in Argentina that trains short to long!

Nicolas Piorno (born March 30, 1988)
1st meet - Regional Tournament in Salta, Argentina (Salta is at altitude, hence the a’s next to the times)
April 25, 2004
11.2a (NWI) 2h2
11.4a (NWI) 5f

May 22, 2004 - Tournament in Salta
11.3a (NWI) 1rA

U-18 National Cup of Clubs in Salta
17 July, 2004
10.8a (NWI) 1h2
11.0a (NWI) 2f

18 July, 2004
23.3a (NWI) 2h2
22.8a (NWI) 3f

U-18 Nationals in Santa Fe, Argentina
September 4, 2004
11.14 (+1.5) 1h5
10.62 (+1.7) 1f (New U-18 NR)

This is the kid during the U-18 cup in July (the thin one on the right), the one to the left, also from Salta and the same training group got 2nd place with 10.75, which equals the previous national record.