What's more important muscle recruitment or heavy weights?

To a sprinter which is more imporant muscle recruitment or heavy weights. Like if one had the choice of a regular deadlift and Snatch-grip deadlift what would you choose to best aid in your sprinting?

I am not sure if this question makes sense but I am assuming Snatch grip deadlifts hit the posterior chain more effectively then a regular deadlift but a regular deadlift it is much easier to use more weight but does it work the posterior chain as much as a Snatch grip deadlift?

someone who’s has a younger sprinting age and less muscle MAY benifit more from the snatch grip, while someone who has a good amount of muscle MAY benifit more form the conventional deadlift.

As always depends on the individual.

it’s just a leverage issue

its like asking which is better a fullsquat or a halfsquat?

answer that and you have your answer :smiley:

IMO fullsquats are better :wink:

if they are both in the programme -so no further adaptations are needed- the selection of the exercise would potentially make a difference before a race, for example (% and specific muscle units involved)