Whats a good weight for....

a 5’11" sprinter / wide receiver(they just moved me there cause i can catch and make good cuts) someone on another site(or was it this one?)told me i need to be between 190-210 and how do i get bigger while getting faster at the same time?

football and sprinting are different, and everyone has a different size. basically to gain size u do your workout, particularly the weight training part, and let it settle itself. whereas with football size is an advantage so one may want to engage in hypertrophy oriented training. id say 175-190(the higher end for football, the lower for sprinting).

well i wouldn’t mind being 190 cause it’d mean i’d have more muscle and i could generate more power to gain weight i wasn’t thinkin about eating more i was just gonna lift more any ideas on how that’d workout?and how could i gain about 20 pounds in the course of 6 months?

You can easily gain 20lbs in 6 months if you do it right. So long as your skill, speed/conditioning, and strength training is optimally executed, you must increase your caloric intake.

Keep it clean, lean meats, fish, chicken, eggs, lots of greens, potatos, whole wheat pasta/bread/rice, fish/flax oil, meal replacements/weight gainer if needed, creatine, multi-vitamin

You must ingest more calories than you burn, thereby, creating a positive caloric balance. If you burn more calories than you ingest, a negative caloric balance, you will not gain bodymass no matter how hard you train.

ehh for the 20lbs, you have to eat, some people have a hard time gaining weight, so you have to eat a lot or you wont gain. Then there are ppl like me, lift twice a week, dont eat a lot(it was all clean tho) gain 35lbs in 3 months. You will probably need to eat though, seeing as you are natually a slighter person.

Between 180-190 is where most NFL elite receivers are found, Jerry Rice was usually 180 and he wanted to lose 5 more lbs!! :eek:

aww man i hate eating a lot

forget weight numbers, just eat what you think you should eat and work out as hard as you think you should, there is no magic number, but you will find a point with your weight where you will be able to perform best

i find i eat alot when i am in training…cant help myself…
i reckon train hard and stick too it and you will find urself naturally eating more because you gotta…but definately eat clean!! it’s great bulking up and cutting up at the same time

dude focus on hypertrophy training if you wanna get bigger, maintain sprint work and take in amino acids as supplements (they help make muscles bigger)

Komy, Whats better? Amino acids or protien powders with amino acids in a more comples form??

Question: Why on earth would you want to get heavier if your already fast!

Answer: Read Boyd Epley’s Path To Athletic Power.
Short Answer: It’s o.k. to have a little Bodyfat as long as you get a higher strength/Power to weight Ratio!