What type of workout is this?

I know that, normally, for speed workouts you do your reps with near full recovery and whatever for volume, but there are certain workouts I am uncertain about.

3x3x60m (1min b/t reps, 5 min b/t sets)
100m-1-3min rest-10x20m-1min b/t reps-100m

What type of workouts do these fall under? Especially the first one, when would you incorporate that type of workout and how important are they for 400m runners?


400stud,i am fairly familiar with the first workout as its used alot over here in europe.i remember doing such workouts in the off-season for 1-fitness,2-relaxation.% would usually be fairly high.

what % are you doing them at and what do you think of the workout.if i was to do it again i’d drop them.just make sure you know why you’re coach has you doing them!!!

they are a form of speed endurance.

I haven’t done them yet and I train alone. I was wondering because a lot of people have mentioned them and I have even seen an article by Dan Pfaff saying to use them for 400m runners…“gut work”.

I would agree that they would be best used as Speed Endurance, but what phase would they be incorporated and how often/in place of what?

Thanks for the responses though.

a good time to do them would be right when you are starting actual “speedwork” after GPP

Id like to hear other thoughts about when they incorparate this type of training.

So, like during SPP?

I think you’re right when you say to do them around the start of the speed work at GPP. By the last rep the quality will not be there so it’s not really pure speed but it’s a good way to adapt to the speed endurance you may face nearing the end of say 3 rounds of a 100m event all on the one day.

Ive done 4360m with 30 seconds and 5m between the sets and then followed it up with a 300m flat out and the whole thing wrecked me (in a good way), but I wouldnt do this close to or in the comp phase of training.