what type of endurance work gives best results?

hey guys my name is komy, i am a 100m runner, started training at 16 and ran a 10.86 after 5months of endurance work only. couldnt break my record last year at 17 running only 11.01, then a hamstring injury when training in the summer in ireland (cause not used to the cold) made me only run a 10.61 in heats, 10.74 semis and pulled the other hamstring in the final, though i was sure if i hadve kept on going couldve ran like a sub 10.6,(that was 3 weeks ago) anyways all this and i have only worked on my max strength, power and sprints all of 2003. proof comes along when u check my 30m time 3.57 and flying 3.00 50m in 5.84 60m is 6.81 and flying is 5.91 but then my 150 is 17.00 and havent really trained for 200 but ran it 2 years ago and did 23.00 which pretty much sucks,
now whats the best type of endurance work i can kick in that allows my deceleration to be minimal in the second half of the race, and start running 21’s in the 200, help me out guys, and then i can almost promise you gold in the next world juniors cause i think i can make it, thanks guys

Best speed endurance for 100m in my opinion is;

100m, 120m & 150m sprints at 97-100% possible pace.

Best speed endurance training for 200m is;

To many choices! Just start it simple and remnember not to hurt your 100m progression. That’s all I got time to write at this moment! :slight_smile: