what to wear during training?

I’m about to start my training next week, right now I’ve got two days of acc. development, three days of tempo and one day of hills/stadium steps

I plan on running barefoot on grass on the tempo days

here’s where my question comes in, I’ve read somewhere where it was suggested that racing flats are much better than joggers for training in, so I was planning on wearing racing flats on my acc. development days which would be things like 10s, 20s, 30s

what do you guys think, does this sound ok? also on my hills/stadium steps day, most likely stadium steps since there aren’t too many hills where I’m at, would joggers be aight or should I wear racing flats for that too?

Just wear running shoes for your speed and tempo days.

That barefoot tempo is overated and pointless IMO… where some shoes man!