What to do?

I coach at a local high school, but I’m not the sprint coach. I’ll just say the actual sprint coach doesn’t know the difference between speed endurance & 4 wheel drive. Every coach on the staff is more worried about points than developing the athletes. How do you deal with a coach that schedules 3 meets on consecutive days, and refuses to believe when an athlete says he’s hurt. The athlete complain to me all the time about not doing anyhting in practice. But I can’t do anything about. All those stupid dual meets get in the way of me teaching anything new to the athletes. If they have 2 and 3 meets every week, it’s almost impossible to do anything. If anyoe else is in or has been in this situation, what the hell did you do to fix it.

Is anyone else having this problem?

i left my coach and found a new one :sing: