What times needed to run pro

Hi again guys. I have goals for this outdoor campaign and I want to run at the U.S. Elite outdoor championship this year. This is how I want my sequence to go.

By high school state
100 - 10.30
200 - 20.85
300 hurdles - 37.00
400 - 48.55 (not really focusing on)

By outdoor nats
100 - 10.15 - 10.20
200 - 20.65 - 20.70

100 - 10.7
200 - 22.1

I know my times scream out that I’m looking at goals I can’t achieve, but I’m not going to turn away from what I’m trying to do. Is the goal times enough to make any noise at nats? I know that my goals are unrealistic, so please don’t look at that point. I just want to know if I should run with the elite group if I am able to accomplish these goals. I’m a high school junior by the way and these are goals for this current year.

10.7-10.3 in 4 months?well good luck pal i’m having a hard time going from 11.6 to 10.99

If you’ve a very young training age, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you were able to drop 3-4 tenths off of your times, but as is. 10.7 and 22.1 are pretty impressive for a highschool athlete. I say if you have “amazing” improvement for 2 years straight you’ll be running at outdoor nationals.

To answer your question. THese are times will make noise at nats.
But lets see how close you can come. How tall, wt, what type of training, why the hand times, what was the wind.
FYI I ran a 38.0 in the 300H, probably could have dropped to a 37.5 or so,if I went to a national meet, but not only did it not work out as planned, I swtiched to the 100M. I was a bit short for hurdles.
So you should focus on where you can achieve the best result.

The wind on the hand times were actually slightly against me during the meet, so the times are legit. I’m going to be at my first meet a week from Saturday, and I hope to get at least 6.35. How important is it to get a big start to the track season indoor?

Um…no. Not saying the times aren’t legit, but regardless of wind direction/strength, human error in timing is very possible (and often, very probable!)

Yeah. I guess I forgot about the whole people aren’t perfect thing. My bad. I guess I really have no time to note upon right now then.