what should i do, yes? no?

Hey guys, i got a question, ok i have some trouble on squats. my core and posterior chain is real weak, should i drop squats and lunges and stuff and focus on core and posterior chain work for like 3-6 weeks, what do u think of that idea?

That’s a great idea. You should really focus on your weak areas before trying to do something that you are not ready for. I recommend 6-8 weeks before going back to squats to avoid future injuries and maximize performance. I think lunges are ok as long as you don’t use too much weight (use dumbbels).

thank you, man. any other comments is welcomed

(ill make a program and post it for core and posterior chain work)

Are you able to squat the bar with good form? Can you deadlift the bar?

If so start with the bar and work your way up over time.

Once the technical aspect of the deadlift and squat are in place use a weight that is comfortable for you and gradually work your way up. I would NOT abandon the lifts, just use a weight that is comfortable while maintaining technique and then work up.

I would definitely do assistance work (hypers/abs, med ball etc) to help strengthen those areas as well.

You’ll be surprised how fast you progress



Squat, bench, pulldowns.

as heavy as you can with form, at your age 2 or 3 times a week. Low reps (<5), low sets (3 or >) and lots if abs work.



you can work on both very very easily.why drop something when you don’t have to.as one of the guys said if your technique is bad then thats a different story get solid technique and a base.if you have to you can drop the weight in the exers until you feel stronger

Now this is some good coaching info. Put someone who has back problems do heavy squats without proper technique. And why would you do lots of ab work in this case? From his previous posts you can make certain conclusions about what’s the weak link, but I would say working abs in this case would make things worse by further flattening the lumbar spine and increasing th-back flexion. It is weak hips - not weak abs. So work on hip strength and flexibility before using heavy weights. I agree with chris30 that doing squats starting with the empty bar is great for this. Concentrate on sitting back with the arch in your lower back and keep the shoulder blades pinched together. Work your way as low as you can without losing the arch and keeping the heels on the ground and feet pointing straight ahead. When you can easily go below parallel you can start slowly adding some weight.