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First of all I would like to say to thank you to Charlie for the board and thanks to all the posters for the wealth of info that is on this forum.
With all the info gathered here I put together a weight program for my 16 year old son( decathlete not sprinter). Since Sept he has added 60lbs
to his bench and cleans and 100lbs to his squat. My 1st question is should he continue at the 80% of 1rm that he is traing now or should he drop the weight down and speed up the movement?
My second question in quadrathon testing his 30m has dropped .5 and his overhead shot has increased by almost 3 meters but his standing LJ
and triple jump hasn’t moved much. Should we ad more plyos. He is presently doing squat jumps with about 15-20 of 1rm and bounding in track practice. Any thoughts on the lack of improvement in the SLJ?


Honestly i wouldnt worry about it (SLJ) since it is only a testing tool. Sometimes it can be a technique issue. Lets see how he does during competiton and reevaluate.

looks like strength goes up, RFD goes down.

work on RFD with more snatches from hang and cleans from hang in substitute of one of your max strength sessions a week (dont eliminate max strength, just start to add quicker stuff) jump squats are good.

standing LJ improvements are mainly from technique improvements

This is a very useful tool for %1RM with respect to power development.
A.S. Prilepin’s Table

55-65%1RM 3-6reps/set optimal total reps-24 rep range-18-30
70-75%1RM 3-6reps/set optimal total reps-18 rep range-12-24
80-85%1RM 2-4reps/set optimal total reps-15 rep range-10-20
>90%1RM 1-2reps/set optimal total reps-7 rep range-4-10

James Smith

Joe, you should be pleased with those gains.

My immediate response is to say, no maintain intensity in the lifts and develop RFD elsewhere. Some questions:

  1. How much quality sprinting is he doing? (I appreciate decathletes have many other training components)
  2. Does he perform med ball throws?
  3. How much has his body weight increased?


He was doing on average two accel dev workouts a week, now we are switching to max v. This is all done before the weight traing. Med ball has dropped a little bit lately but he has going to do med ball throws during rest period of max v. His body weight is only up a couple of pounds since starting

All looks good. Moving to maximum velocity will raise RFD. Med ball throws are a low stress option if you feel he needs greater stimulus.