What is your power clean

I am interested in the people on this forums power clean numbers? Also is your
power clean number with a below 90 degree dip under bar?

I am 145Ibs with a 264Ibs power clean…That is catching it high; certainly not 90 degrees :karate:

damn man… i weight around 150-155 …i got some bad ratios my bench is 300. my squat is only around 285. and clean i never maxed out with however i only workout with 145-155 usually 6 sets of 3. for my low sqaut numbers if my powerclean workout weight ok? i also leave the ground when i do powercleans and catch the bar at about 90 degrees.

Weight 170, power clean 270. That’s catching it high with little knee bend. My front squat isn’t strong enough to drop down and get some heavier loads.:frowning:

Back squat is around 340.

Weight: 180
Power Clean: 280 (high catch)
Front Squat:365
Back Squat:405

I have always had problems dropping under the bar during the clean. I perfer doing power cleans (from the floor) because I feel more comfortable and can generate more power as compared to hang cleans.

  1. I catch the bar high and do not dip under. I can clean about as much as I can squat - 195. I am not sure what that means. I think it speaks well of my clean, but very, very poorly for my squat.

Not high enough yet - I dream of 365lbs in the future :slight_smile:

He does some pretty impressive lifts.
Deadlifts: 550 lbs
Squats: 550-570.
Bench: 380(27 reps at 225 lbs.)
Hang clean: 340
Does this at 200 lbs.
Plays football.

as an ex olympic weightlifter my power clean was 140kg at the old 75kg class.

of course i trained for this movement.

i also know this guy who does the strong man thing and power cleans 210kg.

and he is light compared with some of the guys that do it he is about 120kg.

Right now I can barely clean 45lb if I tried.

A week ago I power cleaned 225lb for 5 reps at 175lb bodyweight.

I power clean 150kg (high catch) and
squat (100 degrees) 3*280kg at 82kg.

i just started this lift and its OL variation partners less than a month ago and really like them because it feels so much different than the other exercises i used to do.

I power clean with a very, very high catch at around 80kg at a body weight of 74kg.


I love these threads…

Well I one hand power clean 250k for reps with a high catch :smiley: :smiley:

Power clean is over rated, anyone can muscle up a big clean- I can’t though :slight_smile:

But the power snatch from the high hang takes lots of speed and explosiveness to get up to lockout with a shallow dip. Especially if you use a medium to narrow gripwidth.

That is why its a mainstay for throwers

I also just set a PR on a medium grip hang power snatch as well yesterday - very fast! :smiley:

:smiley: …and I set a pb for 1/6 power snatch with a grip 2 digits from the mark, starting 2.5 inches below the knee…

Weight: 132
Power Clean: 170 (high catch)
Front Squat:~250
Back Squat:345

I power cleaned my driveway the other day in a PB of 10 minutes. I’m 185lbs and my knees were slightly bent. Using a high powered compressor helped. I also had a very close grip.

I know you guys think I’m lying “how could he power clean an entire driveway in 10 minutes???” but I’ll try to include video clip (hint, hint).

Originally posted by NumberTwo
I power cleaned my driveway the other day in a PB of 10 minutes.

Good one 2 …

weight: 252lbs
Hang clean: 350lbs

warm up with overhead squats: 3x6-10
Explosive deadlifts: 3x6
power snatches: 4x6
Hang cleans: 5x5
That is what our football strength and conditioning coach has us do.

I powercleaned 275 back when I was competitive. Right now i am around 245 but have been training the powersnatch alot more instead. (185 easy on powersnatch)