What is the Nike Team?

I looked at some track meets and see the team Nike at some meets. I’m just curious, how do you join the team? I searched for the team, and found nothing. Currently, I’m looking for an alternative to running for my high school this year, until I get to transfer to another high school next year, or at least I hope I’m able to transfer. I’m currently a junior. Is there any site that has information on the team? Thanks for any help.

I do believe that is Nike sponsored athletes, I may be wrong.

run fast enough and they will find you.

exactly, you dont join the team, you get invited if you’re good enogh…

Which is why I have been contacted by Team Homer :smiley:

Well, then do they check out high school meets? Where do they usually look?

the nike team is the exact same as the mizuno TC.top athletes with no club will mainlt run for the sponsered team as in nike or mizuno or even new balance.