What is the Best Way to Periodize Sprint Training(for football and rugby)?

…in phase PreSeason(8-12 weeks)?Thanx.

You can check ON (www.olympian.it) site and search the article by Carlo Buzzichelli named “metodo coniungato misto” about football strenght training


PS: Visto che sei italiano e visto che fai sempre le stesse domande, perché continui a farle?

In Speed Trap by Charlie Francis, Charlie describes briefly one of
his methods for pre-season training. He begins with high intensity
speed work and just adds volume as the cycle progresses.
Has anyone else tried this method?
Also how applicable (assuming that this method is no less effective
than the regular) is this style to, say, rugby players, soccer
players or other sports that require speed to be trained?

If yuo wait any time, in supertraining group, you could read the answer because there is the same question