What is everyones thoughts on doing mixed sessions with short sprints and long sprint

What is everyones thoughts on doing mixed sessions with short sprints and long sprints in the same workout. Like doing 2x150 and 3x40 and 3xflying 20’s in the same workout.

It is something that I may have to do, now that I plan to do 2 sessions of sprinting per weak instead of 3.

I will include fly-in’s, 30m starts, plus 100’s and 150’s in same session.
Actually, this will be done on a day where I can afford to split the session in two. I might have an hours rest between so it could end up as two sessions in same day.


Anything under 8 seconds = 1st session. (1 hour break.)

Anything over 8 seconds = 2nd session/same day.

3rd session (other DAY), will be endurance and/or recovery based speed,
still reasonably high intensity though.

I did some mixed sessions this summer throughout comp phase and really enjoyed them / found them effective -
but I only did them when I was just keeping things ticking over between meets that were close together , preferring to separate componants wherever possible .
It seemed to work best when I switched the emphasis of intensity between sessions -
ie - if I needed to concentrate on accs then they got 100% but any longer work got cut back in intensity
If I tried to get high quality from all areas in one session then it seemed to fall down a little .

If you must do them, then follow them through the highest intensity first. Fly-Ins take a lot out, so be warm and then stretch it out.

Yeah thanks, I did the accelerations first, then the flying runs, then the special endurance. Next time I’ll try doing the flying runs first. I’m trying to do some form of special endurance every speed session now becuase the weather will be getting cold real soon and I’ll be trapped inside doing speedwork and I don’t have access to an indoor track. Also my special endurance is pathetic and I’m really trying to improve it.