What is better?

Here’s the question: what’s better - to train extra hard one day and then take the next day off or more if you need, or train with lighter amount but do so everyday but sunday?

In my opinion, training less days a week (like 3 for instance) for 2-3 hours would quickly improve your results, while training 6 days a week will result in a gradual improvement, but over a much longer period of time.

So what’s the deal? is it better to train extra hard ( in reasonable boundaries without injuring yourself) and take longer breaks in betwene or do lighter amounts with shorter breaks?

maybe it’s possible to do both types of training over a period of time?

enlighten me on this

In general by doing less more often you will stay fresh and the intensity can be kept high at all times.
I think for someone to better answer your question you should be more specific.

Train every day, but alternate days that have a high impact on the CNS with days that have a low impact.

Xaero you have a point but…training hard every other day will not lead you to recover properly thus leading to sluggish sessions as time goes on.train hard,recover by doing tempo sessions,train hard,tempo and so on.this way you are getting maximum benefits from your hard days and also getting added bonus’ from your recovery days which in turn will play a huge role in your hard days.

make sense!!!

hard sessions can take up to 2-3days even longer at times to recover from so your philo will not always work.do what i say and get back to us after 4weeks