what do you guys think about this website and its sprinting ideas?


Looks like a bunch of numbers to me. Someone with too much time on their hands.

There’s nothing like individualized training programs :wink:

This reminds me of a book published in the '80s called Computerized Running Training (or something like that). Does anyone remember that book?

Yep got a copy its a small white book. There was I think an actual computer program as well.

yea i didnt relaly understand what the site meant. it seemed like all speed workouts.

The Page title is cool:

<TITLE>Athletic Injuries</TITLE>

Well, May be its not complete and accurate. But then it does have a few good ideas. I got a couple out, and I’m sure someone else might benefit from an idea or another. But for sure its not complete for proper training. Training is far more complicated to be summurized in such a way!