What do you guys think about these times?

Hey guys i know that NO body knows me here but i have been reading posts on this site for a lil while now. Neway i would like to know wat yall think about my times. I ran a 24.35 in the 200m and a 12. 27 in the 100m. Here is the catch tho. I just started training in Oct because i was in a accident where i fractured my pelvis and had to go thro rehab and stuff. Neway that time that i ran in the 200m wasn’t at full speed (about 85-90%) and coach made me shut it down from about 45m out. The 100m time was after doing a gruelling speed workout. Accordin to my coach i should run 48s in the 400 this year.So just tell me wat yall think i am capable of runnin in those events plz.

Incase u need to know i’m 17 years old.

Hard to tell really… since your 200 wasn’t at full speed, and your 100 was after an intense workout you say… I would say you have potential, but Im not gonna give any certain time for events since Im really not sure. What is your primary event? 400m? If I had to give an estimate I would say you have at least 54-53 sec. speed as of now; somewhere in that range.

48 from a 24.35 is a pretty hefty goal. I mean, unless you have some great endurance you probably need to be running at least mid to low 22’s for that kind of a time.

With hard work, you can make some great gains. It all depends on how you respond to training. You are capable of at least mid 11’s/23’s probably given the conditions you ran in (supposedly). Don’t let numbers hold you back though. Run fast and relaxed and let the results come.

Yeh my main events are the 200m, 400m and i also do long jump. Yeh sorry i couldn’t give u accurate times but that was the only time that i have been timed since we started training. Neway do the best u could about estimatin wat kinda times i could run while i am peakin ( in about 3-4 months) plz. You tellin me times will help to motivate and push me to do much better than u say :slight_smile: .

well, your potential will only be brought out the fullest based on how hard/smart you are training…but… based on what you said… If I had to give you an estimate it, it looks like you could run somewhere in the 11.7-11.5 range for 100m, 23.9-23.4 for 200m, and somewhere between 54-52 sec. for 400m. Just my guess though… Keep trainin hard.