What are the most important muscles when it comes to sprinting?

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One more thing. What are the best ways to train these muscles (e.g. exercises/lifts)?

you can’t define a certain group of muscles in sprinting.ok u could say h/s gluts and so on but everything has to work in unison.

check out some of the guys workout diarys.they all do the same exercises as in squats,pc’s,ghr’s,bench and so on

From a general standpoint: every major muscle group.
From a specific standpoint: 1st hip extensors, 2nd plantar flexors and 3rd knee extensors.

Your brain!

The brain a muscle? I’ve heard of a brain strain, but I didn’t realise it was meant literally…

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Thanks for the replies.

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The ones that aren’t developed to the same levels as the ones that are.