What about the intensity?

What are the different ways members approach the 100 when it comes to intensity?

For instance:

Leaving the blocks at a certain intensity and holding it for as long as possible.
Increasing the intensity to a certain point and holding it from there.

Well, what about it…?

i’ve only done 4x1 relays and 200’s but I just generally try to start intensly and when I’m standing straight up I try to keep as relaxed as possible while maintaining as much intensity as I can w/out tensing up.

this is what i love, I always stay relaxed in my race, if people catch up to me I can here them grunting and I know htey are tensing up trying to “catch up with me” but when they do that its too late and my relaxation simply rips them a enw one and I beat them by around 10-20 meters but when they are ahead of me they here me catchign up they tense up again and I just catch up and beat them by the same distance again haha

Thats really nice. Its really hard to have that sort of confidance. Keep it up. I can’t do that each and everytime even though I still win!

i feeel tht when one runs the 100 m he must imagine himself on the top of the world running away from all troubles and heading to success he must nt even concentrate on any one…just his race plan

When I run my best races (PBs) I am totally unaware of what is happening around me. I dont even hear the gun go off. :slight_smile: