What about speed endurance?

I do one day of special endurance reps of 150-300 meters with full recovery, and one day of acell development and max velocity work 30’s flying 30’s and 60’s, with full recoveryand if i have time for 3 high intensity workouts for the week i will use reps under 300 for the first workout and something like 350 300 with full recovery for the third workout.

But, how about speed endurance? Is it missing from my program? reps under 150 meters with partial recovery? say 2x3x60 with 2-3 mins between reps and full recovery between sets?

Is this really necessary and how would i change my program if i were to add this?

Looks like you’re getting some speed endurance when you are doing the flying 60s. If you have the time on the third day, maybe you could do 4x60 and then one 350 or 300 after that. Another option might be to do the workout you suggest – reps in the 60-120 range but with full recovery one week and then the next week go back to your 350-300 workout, then alternating each week between the two. Probably depends on what event you are focusing on, but your special endurance day seems very similar to your current third high intensity session, so I would go with your suggestion of the reps under 150 for the third day but use a full recovery so you are able to maintain full speed throughout the session. If you don’t, you’re building endurance not speed.

thanks for the great suggestions. Just to clarify so other memebers can see where im coming from this is what it has looked like…

what i meant when i said a 2 high intenisty workout week it would look like this…

mon-Special End.- 300 200 150
wed-Accel/Max v- 3x30 3xflying 30 1-2x60

now for a 3 high intensity workout week it would look like this…

mon-special end I-4x150 or 200 250 150 alternating each week
wed-Accel/Max v- 3x30 3xflying 30 1-2x60
fri-Special End II -350 300

Now that i am in precomp and entering comp. soon 2 high intensity workouts a week is all i will be doing

***lets assume the athlete is a 100 200 runner that also runs the 4x4

First off, I would say if the 100 and 200 are your events that’s all you need to and should train for. I would not do any extra work for the 4X4(run it off your speed).
As far as the 2 high intensity workouts I would go with speed and speed endurance, with some low volume acc work before each. If you took the time to develop your acceleration skills earlier, it should not take much to maintain it. The competition should serve as your special endurance work.

I follow what you are saying. I would use Friday for some speed endurance work in the 60-120 meter range – maybe a 60-80-100-120 ladder with full recoveries. You could top it off with a 350 (but cut back on the speed endurance volume – dropping the 120). Or as mentioned in my earlier post, just do speed endurance one week and your 300-350 on alternating weeks. Another way would be to go with the 300-350 workout as another variation for Monday. If you’re going just twice a week, you could do 1x60 and then an 80 or 100 or 120 to boost the speed endurance component on Tuesday. I assume you are doing tempo on the other days.