Wet track and spikes

Obviously a newbie question, but I was curious if it’s safe to run on a track if it’s wet when you have spikes on. The track I have is one of those ones made out of the recycled rubber. I don’t know what the real name for it is.

Thanks for your help.

<edit> I also have another question reguarding buying spikes. I am a hockey player so am used to the stiff bottom of hockey skates. Would it hurt me in the long run if I used a stiff plate? Also with a wide and deep foot what shoe would be likely to fit best. I’ve been around to the local sports stores, and no one really carries any spikes for men besides the rival MD’s. They fit perfect in a ten and a half, but I think they were too narrow to wear for two or so hours straight. Does anyone have advice about spikes? I’m 5’ 10" 164 lbs and my acceleration is my strongest point.

If you’re running on a wet, rubberized track with spikes, you should have no problems.

Spikes: Light, flexible spike plates are preferred by most, but some like the stiff plates better. Unfortunately, those may cause stress to the achilles. Regardless what you get, I wouldn’t wear them around for two hours. Just use them for racing and then take them off. I often use a cheaper but more substantial and better cushioned spike for high-speed training just for better comfort and protection.

So what are some examples of better padded spikes that are good for training? Are you talking about like lower-end spikes, or like cross country/distance spikes?

Could be either. Sometimes I use a sprint or distance spike and add some padding inside the shoe. Like an old liner from some trainers or one of the sport insoles you can buy. Sometimes I add a metatarsal cushion if I’m on a really hard track. Cross country spikes have fairly good cushioning because of the rubber bottom. Having said all that, I would still do some of your highest quality stuff in your meet equipment to get comfortable with that, too.

you can check it for yourself: at the warm up i.e. normally there is no prob

I kind of have a problem and I lost my spikes. I got another pair of a different asics model, but the arch is too high and it is messing things up for me. I was having pain in my feet and knees, but then I strained my hip flexor, so am taking this week off from speed training. Does anyone know of any spike that has a more flexible spike plate, but doesn’t have a big arch.

I was wearing hypersprints before, but I didn’t particularly enjoy the tension in the bottom of my foot from the plate. They did fit like a dream though.

Can anyone tell me which spikes would be a good choice. Thank you for the help.

Nothing’s more flexible than the old Nike Zoom Rival S. Cheap too! I don’t know what’s with all the freakin fancy spikes these days…

Adidas meteors – the old, cheap ($19) models – are another option.

yeah just plan old muzuno spikes, or Asics for me. All these spikes around today with zips are very uncomfortable find, and there is really no need.