This may be thought of as a stupid thought, but i thought id post it and ask anyways. F=massxaccelleration correct? Well then according to this if one were to jump off a plyo box and (lets say they are 200lbs) travel through the air for .25sec, well then technically the force imposed on the persons legs would be 490lbs on a persons legs(acc. is universial as gravity causes and acc of 9.8m/s,), which to some people may be quite larger than their squat or d/l max. Again if the person where to travel downwards for even half a second it would be 980lbs, which minus elite level power lifters, is completely outta reach for normal people! Even though this force is short lived wouldnt it be enough to stimulate motor recruitment and strengthen muscles? and also if this were true, wouldn’t one only need do oly lifts, a squat, a pressing movement, and a pull movement as weight training and the rest could be compensated by eccentric absorbtion? I am very interested to kno…

This is the theory behind the use of altitude jumps and is the basis for much of plyometric training…but be careful if you decide to use these methods extensively.

xlr8 would it be OK if i were to send a sample weight lifting program I made with these theories? and you could tell me what you think of it.

Sure. You can email or pm, but be warned - I tend to think of these methods as the icing on the cake, so I would much rather see a focus on building basic strength and power using traditional movements and sprinting. Plyos, etc are adjunct to the basics.

Of course, I love weight training, my idealogy(it is not new as you have indicated, but i thought of things like this) is more like an expanded version of complex training, only using some more extensive plyo and very basic multijoint/hybird movements(oly lift, squat, snatch/clean pull/press(bench, incline, or military). That is my idea, not to eliminate the lifts as i love them, but to combine the basic best forms(in my opinion) w/e plyo to get optimum results after the unloading week. it will b more clear in the program i send

Sounds interesting…I’m anxious to take a look.

I’ve sent the program, please be open minded with it, because i too was a little cautious at first with the amount of days of working out, but if you look closer there are three stressfull days, and only the pull, jump squats, depth jumps, altitude landings and squats have any eccentric action in them and they are spread apart/paired nicely i believe.