Weights in GPP

Just checking…does this sound right?

To limit strength decreases, accumulation weights should begin along with GPP, and if 4 weeks for accumulation weights is enough, max strength should then begin even if GPP is only half way complete.

I thought you threw in a hypertrophy phase b/t accumulation and max strength.

I don’t think you could do a good GPP while doing MS. What I did was gave weights a rest, then did depletion bodyweight exercises, and am now entering my acumulation phase but that’s because I’m a young athlete and I needed a long GPP. If you don’t need to get into tempo shape first and can just go to doing lots of BW exercises with tempo you could do that for some time and then go to acculmulation.

Accumulation reps are conducive to hypertrophy and since you’re presumably dropping some some of the track work this allows some extra volume in the weightroom for assistance exercises.

Along with preventing too much strength decline the problem I have working this out is that many athletes enter max strength around the beginning to middle of November in accordance with the indoors, accumulation weights therefore starting in October. GPP for most athletes starts September - October around or before accumulation and depending on the length may have to cross over into max strength.

You should do Max Strength during your Pre-Comp. phase and maintenance during the peak/competition phase.

400stud max starting early-mid november would be pre comp since it could last upto early january.

Alright then.

400 stud, could you please explain to me what pre comp is. I assume it’s a few months before your 1st competion but then what is pre season? In season I believe is when thet season get going.

Your pre-season could probably be considered your GPP and SPP. They are the phases when you are trying to get back into running shape and starting to develop qualities needed for your event. That’s why everyone’s is different.

Pre-Comp. is the phase prior to your peak (to me anyway). Pre-Comp. phase is the phase when you run all your “dummy” meets and basically train through them. Competition is your peak phase. That’s how I do it.

That’s why my Pre-Comp. phase will start in March or April when my competitions start in March.