Weights during in season

During track and field track training, I understand that weights are structured as doing 3 weeks hard and 1 week easy in the beginning, and toward the end you just maintain strength.

Well, my question is, could one just do a PTP (Pavel Tsatouline’s training program). Its where you start at a certain weight and move up 5 or 10 pounds until you PR 5 or 10 pounds more than your previous PR at that weight. Then you drop back down 5 or 10 pounds above what the last cycle weight was. One cycle lasts about 3 weeks. So, could one do that, or would that be a bad idea while training for track?

Also, what program do you all use during in season (with track work) that has been successful for you? Thanks for any information.

I think lower volume on a minimal number of exercises (maybe just a squat/dead and bench or some sort of press) is best in season. That’s just me personally though.

Well, I agree with the volume, but I’m not sure if it would be ok to use the program during the in season.

I belive CF uses a 80%, 100%, and 60% (each is a week long) type deal. The cycle I’m talking about would start around 40lbs below the end of the cycle (if I was to go in 5lb incriments). You hit a 10lbs+ pr, then back off, this time starting 10lbs+ higher than last time.

If the weight is higher though (for squats for example), one would go in 10lb increments.

So, would it be ok to do this type cycle during the season, or would the fluctuation in weight be bad while doing track work?

i didnt know that CF does that, u should read the thread about strength maintance.


i would do all sets btw 80-85% and stick to the clean or snatch, bp or incline, back squat or front squat, glut ham or rdl, and db rows or pullups during the twice weekly.

good thread indeed.


summary of thread leads to this sample:

This done @ 80% and 2x weekly works well.

When I used this I didn’t do any assistance work after the main lift though, and I think others do this differently.

so u did bsq twice a week, how much strength did you maintain?

I actually started out by switching it up each session by doing a box squat or free half/full squats (depending on facility I’m at that day). But ya they are all back squats, just different heights. A few weeks through though I decided to stick with one height box and stick with it so as to create a “control” as I had never done this maintenance phase before. Next time I will experiment more.

The cycle was not followed to a tee as I missed a few weights workouts (too fatigued from speed-strength work).

But after 8 weeksish I hit 95%1RM easily and without my belt (my PR at this box height was with a belt) and without spotters.

This testing session was 3 or 7 days after my last maintenance squat session.

I definitely think I could have PRd that day but didn’t have spotters and didn’t want to get cocky. I had a plan, I stuck to it, and was happy with 95% after 2 months of minimal lifting.

I learned alot from this cycle so next time I will try a PR.

thanks bro i give it a try this winter.

Ok, well, thank you for showing me that thread, that is definitly helpful in planning the maintanence part of the training.

But, I’m talking about the part of the weight training where you are not simply just “maintaining” (which I know happens toward to end of each macrocycle of training). I’m talking about the part of the training where you are doing high level’s of lifting for gains for 3 weeks durations during SPP and GPP. Would the cycle I’m talking about work or would it be better to do something else?

nope, do something else.

Why so?

Also, what would you recomend.

i take that back, i really dont know you so i cant make that call but i for someone like myself i couldnt because more advice athletes cant progress in that linear style. u should give it a try.

I actually changed my mind.

Here is a set up I want to try during the in season. I have an idea of rep sets scheme, etc., but would this set up be a good idea, or should I move the lifts around to other days:

Mon: Bench, Squat, sup. lift
Tues: abs
Wed: DL, Powerclean, sup. lift
Thurs: abs
Fri: Box Squat, Towel Bench (same as a board press, just use a rolled towel instead), sup. lift

Again, I will work out the rep scheme etc., but my question is about the days of the lifts. Would this set up be ok? High intensity track days would be on Mon, Wed, Fri, and low intensity on Tues and Thurs of course.

myself i would always start with ol movement first, i really dont like box squats, and depends on how strong u r in the deadlift - but i would drop it and do front squats. i would never do pc and dl on the same day.