Weighted vests in UK

Can anyone recommend a weighted vest available in the UK ? -

best I can find so far is one made by Nueff @ £45 but it only goes up to 15kg

Any info appreciated


IMHO I don’t think its necessary to have a vest that takes over 15kg. Heavier weighted jumps and plyo’s can be done in the gym. Weighted speed work on the track should have additional weight only with 2% to 10% (max) B/W. Acceleration drills can be done with a variety of tyres or a sled.
My vest bought from www.speedcity.com takes up to 10kg thats enough!
BTW I raced with you at Tonbridge earlier this year (Mark M40)…actually you told me about this website; I owe you.
How’s Uni?

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I think weighted belts are more comfortable than weighted vest.

I can get discounts on Reebok vests (they’re better quality than Neuff).

Full prices:
Up to 5kg - £60
Up to 10kg - £100

Orders to my PM


Another option is to get an old innertube and use wire to close off one end- then fill it with sand from a LJ pit whenever you need it and tie off the other end. Drape it over your shoulders, holding on to the ends while you do your drills. When finished, simply dump out the sand and put it away for next time! This is Gerrard’s idea- easy and light to pack and can’t cost more than a couple of bucks!
Another trick is to use the medicine ball you prob already have. Hold it at chest level or straight overhead for drills, alternating them with regular, unloaded drills, where you can use your arms. You’ll definitely feel the difference in spring when you drop the load!

Thanks everyone - lots of useful tips here -

Cheers David - I may be in touch

and ty Charlie the med-ball ideas excellent - never thought of that

Hello Mark - thanks for the advice - Uni’s great - or will be when I pass my exam tomorrow ( fingers crossed ) hows the football season going - injury free I hope , and is Tatum getting any faster - is she gonna beat me again next year lol ?


Pete - which Uni are you at?

I got my Weight vest from www.Weightvest.com its pricey but lasts…
I had my for 2 years now and its still good as new

Cheers Ced

David - I’m at UCC ( Chichester ) - grass track doh’ - great adventure sports tho walls etc - I’m not on campus - I travel down once or twice a week , and they hold the other lectures here at Crawley College .

heres where i got mine from:-

I visited early this year for an interview with the EIS. Aren’t many of the elite sailers based there? A ‘Centre of Excellence’ with no Olympic bars - F&%$ing joke.

Did you get the position David, was it in S&C or something else? What do you think to the EIS set-up (S&C and sports science support), regionally / nationally?

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Here where i bought mine,
it was 80 US$D adjustable to 44 lb

I visited early this year for an interview with the EIS. Aren’t many of the elite sailers based there? A ‘Centre of Excellence’ with no Olympic bars - F&%$ing joke.

I must sadly admit ur right David - it seems geared to adventure sports ,sports physio’s and football as far as I can see - the gyms are ‘fitness’ gyms :rolleyes:

fortunately the English department is very good - all the tutors are published authors and that’s the reason I’m there lots of individual attention as it’s a small uni - I train in Crawley and Broadbridge Heath indoors - I might well consider doing my masters at a better equipped uni tho - anyone know what athletics facilities are like at Uni of East Anglia ?