Weighted Sled Dragging, useful?

I was just wondering what you guys opnions are on weighted sled dragging/sprinting as a form of sprint training?

do you think sprinters should do this exercise? how useful is it? how should you incorpate it into your training? etc etc

thanks in advance

i think there is a sticky on this? isobic exercersier or somthing?

i think sled dragging is very good for short sprinters. u could use it on ur acc days for no more then 30m pull distance.

Its a good alternative for people without hills in there area for the GPP. I have to use one, and I like it, but if you have the option of hills go for that instead.

nah i dont have access to hills. so i thought the same, a good sub

keep the weight of the sled light…do not let it alter your mechanics

there are several threads in the archives on this. The way to set resistance is by a 10% maximum of slowing the time you can do without the sled. Any more load and mechanics are disrupted

man i just got a quote of mine posted by THE Charlie Francis…awesome

Try walking lunges pulling a tyre or sled with a decent weight on. Less stressful on the CNS, use a weights belt or similiar so the rope is attached at the hips. Works the hamstrings and glutes better.

i see ur point, but why?

when doing this exersise, avoid swinging side to side, which i see many people doing… if u remember the comercial with linford christie
coming out of the blocks, on cbc, thats textbook perfect…

CF is right, slight load, 180 lbs man dragging 25 pound plate, is more than plenty.


Which part are you questioning ?, :confused: if its positioning of the belt, the high harnesses force the lower back muscles to be activated befor the glutes. I’m using it with one of my guys as he is recovering from a Plantar Fasciae injury and can’t run the hills yet. :slight_smile: