Weight Vest training

I have a weight vest thats adjustable from 2lb to 40 lb.
what plyometric drills can I perform to help build power?

Block work with the vest (30 meters) is great. Do several with weight and then finish with starts without weight. squat jumps, double leg hops, depth jumps etc are all good. Be careful with single leg contact plyos. :slight_smile:

Box jumps.

I would never do that. That would teach bad form, plus bad starting habbits. I stick to only plyos with weighted vest. I do a lot of broad jups into the sand pit. That really helps with my starts.

One of the members here (scarface) does them all the time and finds them great. I used to do them. I wouldn’t use a lot of weight but a little would be fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies i plan on doing : Board jumps, squat jumping jumps (currently doing) , and fast hops.

You can do plyos and jumps with the vest but I’d use a sled or Isorobic exerciser for the starts, as the resistance is from behind, not above.

Ouch. Make for very sore lower hamstrings/tendons.

Block work with the vest (30 meters) is great.

What is Block Work ?
It´s diferent from Block Jumps ?

Block work is running out of the blocks.

Oh, of course, i mixed up…
today, my training would be Block Work and i have a weight vest too,
i think is the same model ( All Pro - Contour Foam - from 0 to 44 lb adjustable with little steel bars each one 0.5lb ), i suffered a lot to bring this thing to Brazil, in Miami Airport, they ask to me to open the box and show them the “product”…
worst yet in Brazillian airports ( San Paulo ) where a federal agent looked to “x-ray” machine and guessed that i´m carring a Bulet Vest ( i don´t know the name in english but is used for cops to stop the bulets )…

So, whats the rule with weight vest ?
First the reps with Weights and after free weight
or start the session without any weight and after with the Weight Vest ?
My Block Work is:
4x 0-15m with Weight Vest
3minutes rest between reps
3x 0-20m with Weight Vest
4minutes rest

5x 0-15m free weights ( without weight vest )
2 minutes rest
4x 0-25m free weights
3 minutes rest

Weighted vests are better used in the upright position (not block work where there is a lot of forward lean.)
Weight vests can be used for plyometric drills. A good one is box jumps or alternate bounds. If u find a small box or something else to jump of, and immediately explode up on impact, that will do wonders for your acceleration developement. You can step of backwards and jump back on to the same box, or step of forwards and jump away.

U can use resisted training for starts in sprinting such as pulling a sled or tyre. If u have a long rope attached to some padding round your waist, the other end of rope attached to a weight/sled/old tyre that won’t slow you down much, that is another good way to develope your acceleration. Obviously you won’t be able to pull a tyre if you’re running out of the blocks as it’ll hit the block a few secs later, so do your tyre pulling from a 3pt stance or other crouched stance without block.

Remember to still include some block work though.

what about putting the tire to one side ov the blocks, and just putting up with the vector adjustment as the tire moves in line with you, considering you’re working on leg strength and explosiveness (I’m not sure about that, but that’s my vision of what’s being worked)

That won’t work, but you could use an isorobic exerciser that feeds a thin nylon line out behind you, set for a very low resistance- no more than would cause a 10% drop in time over distances out to 30m

when you´re talking tire are you saing to run pulling a tire ?
So, how can i do this ?
I rope a tire ( how big ? 15", 16", 17"…and than hang the string on my waist ? That is it ? )
I don´t know, but it sounds like easy to “carry” the inertia from the tire.

Yes. With a tire or sled, it the resistance is reduced as you go, with the isorobic exercizer, it stays the same.

i´ve just arrived from a AutoCar in front of my house,
and now i have my own 185/60-15 Goodyear almost new for 10 box…)
whats a Isorobic Exerciser ?

It’s a device that’s lightweight, portable and can be used with blocks (when anchored or held properly). you can see it in the CFTS manual- but, unfortunately, it isn’t ten bucks!

Ok Charlie,
i found the Isorobic Exerciser on page 48 ( CFTS Manual e-book format ),
so, the big problem for me isn´t the cost but the availability of this product in Brazil.
So, i´ll have to wait for my next travel to USA or ? who knows Canada…
Until that, my tire will get´s me tired.


You can look them up with Google on the computer and see what you can do.