Weight Vest training

just a quick tip while making the harness for your tyre…you want to feel comfortable right! you don’t want no belt digging into your waist right!


use a bicycle tube,deflated of course!. lay the tube flat and tie a line(rope) onto the tube,you will have two large loops either side for your arms to fit throught and will fit comfortly onto your shoulders,tie from the tube onto the tyre and away you go.

by using the tube it will not restrict your arm range in any way and is very comfortable.hope this tip helps

Thank you very much X-Man, i was in trouble as you said,
but now, it´s sounds a good idea for this “confort” problem,
now, i´m searching for a Bicycle tube, i know i have one…( damaged of course )
but, i have another question,
i don´t try yet with the blocks but,
how can i run without hit the blocks with the tire ?
theres a experienced solution ?

Rosscv, you could always do your tire dragging on a grass or dirt surface, on which you could dig holes to take the place of starting blocks, as the Olympians did in the early part of the 20th century. This way the tire would glide right over the foot holes.
James Smith

That´s a good idea,
but now, i have another problem ( one after one we´ll kill off )
i don´t have a dirt surface even a grass field to train…
huummmm, i have an idea !!!

Ross try using 3pointers/stand start

solution solved!

Tks Again X-Man,
there´s a phrase that says: ( i don´t know in english ) but i think
From Doctor and Crazy all we have a little…
and now i have to say,
From engineer and physicist all we sprinters and coaches have a little… :wink:

My “tire” training system is almost perfect… :eek:
I made a hole in midle of the tire to pass the string into the tire than i found a leather strip ( 40 inches long ) with hooks on the ends, i put the string extremitys in a ring ( from car keys ) and cliped the ring in the hooks…
much more difficult than do this “tire train system” was tell in english how do i did, it´s hard to find words, but i finished !!! :frowning:
Í´m thinking in patent my “product” :smiley: the name is: “GeTIREd Fast”

Next wednesday i´ll do my start workouts now with my new “system”

Tks all of you

The following abstracts may indicate a hypergravity vest is best used by wearing it at 10% of bodyweight all day instead of just for the training session.



Good research and good article Kellyb,
but for me, i don´t know,
i think 10% of body weight is a lot of “extra”,
my tendons and nervous are a little sensible, so…
my last session was with 2kg ( 4.4lb ) and i felt good.
the article is interesting and is on my Favorite Links,

I have not seen anyone mention that before performing jumps with a weighted vest, one must lay down a foundation and build upto it.

Last thursday, my start train was broken by a physical coach from a elite team foobtball ( brazillian soccer ),
the coach said me that he want´s train his soccer players with a weight vest, just some short sprints to give power to players, he said too that the master coach of brazillian volleyball team ( Mr. Bernardinho ) have used the weight vest to train explosive jumps, this increased the height jumps of the players in about 10 cms ( 4 inches )
allowing smash the ball at high height as possible

Tell your master coach what Charlie has said. The sprint start is a horizontal movement not vertical. Vests are good for jumping.Sleds are better for starts.

He should not have broken the start chain if I understood that correctly.

No Hassan,
you made a mistake,
he isn´t my coach, he is coach from a soccer team and he was talking about the coach of a volleyball team and his train methods,
sorry about,
my english is a “little” confuse sometimes :confused:
and of course i know what Charlie said about the WV thing,
he said,
not from above but from behind :wink:

That’s ok Ross.