Weight training program

Hello charlie & every body ,could u plz tell me a full
weight training scheduale for sprinters (100m).thx

search around a bit, come up with something, post it then ask for critiques (also have a reason for why ur doing what ur doing)

Numba is right. There is alot of variables we would have to know in order to give you a workout. The key is to keep it somewhat simple especially when you are starting off. There is no need to get fancy just stick to the basics. Use mostly compound movements such as bench, squats, pull ups etc. For strength, work above 70-75% will help you improve. As far as the overall volume of lifts and specific intensity, that is something you must play around with a little bit in order to see what works for you.

I’m already work weight training ,& i’m sprinter play 100m,i want a full scheduale for weight training now i’m in general endurance phase&next month i’ll start specific phase.Do u have a good weight training scheduale or not?

holy cow man?? Nobody will help you with an attitude like that!!

The site maybe free, but poeples time to write out programs for each is not…

There are many good weight templates, concepts, and periodization plans on this very site, so we “have” them as much as you.

Do a search.

give some stats first buddy, what have you done/what are you doing, everyone is diff., what works for me doesnt mean it will work for you