weight training program my coach gave me

hey guys. i was wondering what you think about this weight training program that my coach just gave me.

Bench Press:3x10
Power Cleans:3x6

Circuit training-all exercises 2x12
Bicep Curls
Seated Rows
Lat Pulldowns
Tricep extensions
Hip flexors
Upright rows
Good Mornings
Reverse leg press

The program is done 2-3 times per week. Thanks guys!

Very solid. No change necessary in my opinion.

I hate these kinds of posts. It seems like it’s just a set-up to the strength coach because we have no way of knowing what he’s thinking. We don’t know your experience, age, phase or season, etc. It’s unfair to the coach to post a singular representation of them and then ask people to comment on his compentency.

That said, looks like a baseline learning program or a very early off-season one. But who knows because we don’t know why it was given to you.

Hi hawk22

Too much of what doesn’t matter, and too little of what does, if you’re taking about strength training for a sprinter!


Says who? What phase, what age, what reason? We don’t know so you can’t really comment on it being incorrect because it’s too hard to say. Every coach, excuse me, every “good coach” has phases and seasons of different work building up to the ultimate goal so it’s just to difficult to take a snap shot of possible 3 weeks of training over a course of 4 years of someone’s training and say it doesn’t meet their goals.

Very generic. But it looks like all the bases are covered. I would drop the extra hip flexor work and do ab work instead.

What is the actual exercise you are using for the hip flexors?