Weight Training for Sprinters without Olympic Lifts

I have a situation where, due to wrist surgery, I can’t do cleans, the only Olympic lift I know. I have no one at my school who could teach me to snatch, so I pose this question: How detrimental to a sprinter is the exclusion of all Olympic lifts, when most other training principles are included?

Other information:
I’m doing squats, SLDLs, whatever medicine ball and upper body I can do (primarily lat pulls) and will be doing plyometrics twice a week starting after Thanksgiving.

Not detrimental at all.

I dont think olympics lifts are that important to a sprinting program. Ben never used them, Carl didn’t even use weights and clemson rarely uses them with his athletes.
good article!

Niether did Bob Hayes, the forums relay race" fave.

Agreed. Shame that ‘those in the know’ were so quick to reject what clearly is the best strategy for improving strength.

Well one must wonder then, how are such feats as considerably very large men(oly lifters) who do not sprint nor do plyometrics nor do vertical leap training, excel so well in sprints, vertical leaping, and such to a point where it is at least equal too or surpasses that of the olympians training specifically for those events?

Nobody said that Olympic lifts were counter productive to sprint training. Just not essential that’s all.

Not to mention that OLers do more than just the quick lifts. They squat too, and heavy weights at that.

Pointing to genetic freaks like Johnson or Lewis is not a good idea when creating your own program unless you’re an elite athlete like them.

I guess you don’t need to do oly lifts. Develop the strength and then find a way to transfer it as quickly as possible. Whether that’s on the track, or jump squats, or box squats w/ bands & chains, or whatever else.