Weight Template

Does anyone have or suggest a template for creating and recording program

HI Coach Luc,

Could you explain to a dumb twit here what you are looking for a little bit more clearly.

Andy :slight_smile:

A template is a document you use on a computer to record and keep track of information.

I was wondering what people used or can reccomend for the weight programs they administor to their athletes

look at www.strongeronline.com for a program design software service.

it records and stores all of your info.
Cycles, programs, reps, sets weight lifted in total.

This is a web based service so you would need net access where you train.

I have found a product that is not web based. It does the same job and has a larger database of exercises, approx 2500. Plus rep set protocols for different strength qualities. It is a one time purchase.

If you PM me and I’ll give you the info