Weight Program for 4/800 Runners

Right now I’ve got a group of friends who also happen to be runners in the 400 some in the 800. Last year we all ran very, very well but we all lacked any serious power. We’ve never seriously touched a set of weights, but I, being the only one with access to this lovely site, am in charge of putting together a winter training program for all of us. The other half to this post is in the “Sprint Training” forum.

Good Morning
?Leg Press?

Out of Weightroom:
Medicine Balls (core works mainly)
Triangle Pushups

All I’ve got is a general plan with more feedback I can post some individual days for critiquing.

What I’m planning on doing is having us each get a general feel for the weights, and to build our joints, tendons, and confidence with a lot of higher rep, lower intensity lifts. This is mainly because we’re all coming off of a good cross country season. Nov-14-Jan10

After we get a feel for the weights and become confident with our abilities I’m planning on us starting to lift progressivly heavier weights with less and less reps. Jan-11-Feb1

I’m planning on running the 400-200 while most of my friends are running the 800-4x400/400 at this point I’m going to start doing a lot more CNS work while they will not be focusing quite so much on power but more on endurance. Feb1-On

If you have any additional lifts that we should be doing or you think that something I’ve got up here shouldn’t be there, I need you suggestions.

Keep things simple. Unless you are really proficient at clean technique I would leave them out. By giving yourself a good base of strength your speed/power will improve. set aside one day for squats with higher reps (8-10) and lower weight and another day with lower weight but even lower reps (2) again with squats. the second day is set aside to concentrate on bar speed and explosion. Check out www.elitefitnesssystems.com for more info on how to set up a basic program.

It’ll take some time to get used to the lifting components so start off slowly :slight_smile:

Core lifts:

flat bench
standing shoulder press

I think weight circuits might be a good idea for you guys as well. Carefully place your workouts so you dont end up tiring your CNS.

2 Tempo/Recovery
4 Tempo/Recovery
6 Tempo/Recovery